The Right Words
A Couple's Guide To A Personalized Wedding Ceremony
From Bonnie S.
Reverend Thomas was the officiant of our wedding. This book is amazing. We had tons of guests
coming up to us, even months after the wedding, telling us how much they liked what we said in our
vows. Our vows were personal to us. It was like writing our own (but less stressful!) Reading this
book with my husband and choosing our vows will always be one of the most special times I cherish
in my memories, when all the wedding plans seemed chaotic and stressful, this was romantic and fun.
From Rev. Ed G.
This is an excellent book that gives a couple many different options if they are designing their own
marriage. Each element of the marriage (such as welcome, introduction to the vows, consent, and
many others) has many choices. There are also many choices of ceremonies from ring exchange to
blending of the sands to lighting of the unity candle. I use it in my business as a wedding officiant and
in my opinion it is the best book of its kind.
From Kris K.
Rev. Thomas brought us the ability to create a ceremony that was uniquely ours and created a
moment truly special and perfect. Both my husband and I have been married before. We have
received comments from so many of our wedding guests that our ceremony touched them and they
felt how much it was an extension of who we are and how we feel about each other.  For couples
who know what to say and just need a little structure to put it together to couples who need help
coming up with the words, Reverend Thomas' book is a must.
From Frank A.
Your wedding book is just wonderful!! Katie and I actually shed a few tears while making our
selections, we were so moved. We know we are going to have a wonderful, meaningful  ceremony
and we have you to thank for it.