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Recently there have been a number of legal issues with marriages performed
by persons who received their ordination "online" or instantly by simply hitting
the "submit" button on their computers.  In some cases marriages have been
nullified by the courts when it is learned that an "online" minister performed
the ceremony.  A recent conviction for bigamy was overturned in New York
when the defendant successfully argued that he wasn't really married a
second time because a minister who was ordained on line performed the
ceremony.  In another court case in Pennsylvania, a marriage by an online
minister was nullified when one of the parties filed for a divorce.  States such
as Hawaii, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Tennessee, New York
and Indiana have all changed their laws to restrict or control marriages by
online or instant ordained ministers.  Other states may soon follow.
  Reverend Thomas
© 2006 Christner-Severin Presents . . .
These rulings and laws have increased the risk of having a marriage nullified when performed by persons ordained online
and have shown a growing trend by lawmakers to make such ordinations invalid for marriages.  And the courts are
issuing rulings that are causing great duress and legal problems for couples who thought they were married.  The courts
are saying that ministers should be ordained by recognized means and not instantly or online.  Ordinations should be
"considered, deliberate and responsible acts" and not something granted to anyone with access to the Internet.
Serving All Areas
Reverend Thomas is a practicing Minister who is formally ordained and legally authorized
to perform marriages in all fifty states.  He is one of the founders of the Mosaic All Faith
Church and Ministry of California and currently serves as its pastor.
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