The Right Words
A Couple's Guide To A Personalized Wedding Ceremony
Rev. Thomas is a non-denominational and non-judgmental minister who performs
as many as 100 ceremonies each year.  Rev. Thomas and his wife, Lollie, are the
co-founders of The Mosaic All Faith Church, a church without walls with the
motto: Open Heart, Open Mind, Open Arms.

Rev. Thomas says the time he spends with a couple to help them write a
personalized ceremony and then to perform their marriage is one of life’s most
rewarding experiences.  Each couple is unique and he is honored to play a part in
their special day.  To be a part of a couple’s life as they seek “The Right
Words” for their commitment to each other is something he does not take
lightly.  Rev. Thomas wrote
The Right Words so that other couples may share in
the excitement of creating their own unique and personal ceremony.

Rev. Thomas and Lollie live in M
odesto in the Central Valley of California with
their cat, Truffles
and their dog, Snickers.

If you are interested in having Rev. Thomas officiate at your wedding, please
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