Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Getting married during the COVID-19 shut down
The current challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak are probably more than you expected for
your wedding day. Perhaps your venue has told you that they cannot accommodate you.
Maybe you are concerned about exposing your family and friends to this disease. Whatever
the reason, you are now faced with the decision of what to do.

If you have your marriage license and just want to get married:
I would be pleased to officiate for you at a small, safe ceremony. We would have to maintain
social distancing and limit the number of guests. A local park or backyard garden are great
locations for your intimate wedding.

If you don't have your marriage license, but want to get married:
The Stanislaus County Clerk's Office will issue you a valid marriage license remotely. You
download the forms and instructions from their website. You will need to have your
signatures notarized. After you complete the forms, simply contact me via phone/text at 209-
918-9002 or by
email. I will need to return the forms to the Stanislaus County Clerk's Office for
you. Once they issue your marriage license, it will be mailed directly to me. When I receive the
license, I will contact you to schedule your ceremony.

If you're willing to wait until this all blows over:
I will be happy to schedule your wedding date and location on my calendar subject to the
COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact me so we can discuss your options.

Keep your goal in mind:
You have met the one person with whom you want to spend your life and experience its many
adventures. That's what's important. We need to act with care to minimize the risk of infection.
I am here to help you as you consider your options no matter what lies ahead.

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